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From morning to evening, in all seasons, take a guided nature walk near our campsite close to the sea.  Enjoy it.  You will be spoilt for choice….

Water sports enthusiasts:

Discover the pleasures of gliding across the water; the waves and the setting at Pointe de la Torche (a large range of activities to suit all ages, all levels all interests)

- Surfing
- Windsurfing
- Kite surfing
- Sand yachting
- Stand-up paddleboards, sea kayaking, body boarding and skin or scuba diving

Discover and dream:

On foot, cycle or horseback, from our campsite close to the Brittany coast, a new vista opens up at each bend in the many roads and footpaths crisscrossing the locality.

Exceptional, protected natural spaces, long, sandy beaches; clear waters changing from emerald green to deep blue; the vastness of the ocean, just for you.
Footpath GR34 and other little ‘meanders’.

Green cycle paths and the sea breezes blowing from the Pointe de Raz to the Pointe de Penmarch’.

Enjoy your excursions…