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The delights of bigouden country and surrounding areas!!

This part of Brittany has beautiful scenery and captivating architecture.

From Quimper to the Point du Raz there are a host of places to visit, whatever the season, both of historical interest and of outstanding, natural beauty.

Natural attractions include:

La Pointe de la Torche; Baie d'Audierne; Pointe du Raz; Ponte du Van; The Glenan islands……

Bénodet : Benodet is located by the Atlantic Ocean in southern Brittany, at the mouth of one of the most beautiful river in France – the Odet. Benodet offers numerous facilities and services for tourism, that make this city the place to come and stay at any time of the year.

Concarneau : Concarneau is a seafront city of art and history located in Southern Brittany. Concarneau seduces by the beauty of its shores, the ancient city surrounded by walls of stone called the “Ville Close”, its bay, the fine sandy beaches.

Locronan : Small city full of character, Locronan is one of the most beautiful villages of France. Rich of architectural heritage: Saint-Ronan Church, its central place with granite houses, its chapel, Locronan seduces old stones lovers and inspires numerous artists.

Quimper : Quimper, capital of Cornouaille, is a city of Art and History. The ancient Quimper, the fortifications, the traditional half-timbering houses, the Saint-Corentin Cathedral, the Odet river contribute to this authentic town of Brittany.

Pont-Aven : Pont-Aven is known as the city of painters. It is a small city located in South of Brittany, by the bank of the Aven river. Famous for his windmills and its harbour, Pont-Aven inspired painter artists by its beauty and its architecture treasures.

The Glenan islands : The Glenan archipelago is composed of 7 islands, included the main island of Saint-Nicolas. Turquoise-coloured water and fine sandy beaches make the Glenan islands a piece of paradise off the coast of Benodet for scuba diving lovers and hikers.

From morning to evening, in all seasons, take a guided nature walk near our campsite close to the sea.  Enjoy it.  You will be spoilt for choice….

Water sports enthusiasts:

Discover the pleasures of gliding across the water; the waves and the setting at Pointe de la Torche (a large range of activities to suit all ages, all levels all interests)

- Surfing
- Windsurfing
- Kite surfing
- Sand yachting
- Stand-up paddleboards, sea kayaking, body boarding and skin or scuba diving

Discover and dream:

On foot, cycle or horseback, from our campsite close to the Brittany coast, a new vista opens up at each bend in the many roads and footpaths crisscrossing the locality.

Exceptional, protected natural spaces, long, sandy beaches; clear waters changing from emerald green to deep blue; the vastness of the ocean, just for you.
Footpath GR34 and other little ‘meanders’.

Green cycle paths and the sea breezes blowing from the Pointe de Raz to the Pointe de Penmarch’.

Enjoy your excursions…


A rich and sometimes amazing local heritage!!

Choosing a good campsite for your coastal holiday is a key element of a successful holiday.  “Bigouden” country abounds with thousands of things to discover or to re-discover; so much cultural heritage, enriched throughout the centuries.

Discover the unique and traditional dishes (whatever tickles your taste buds….).

Be blown away by the flavours, by local produce, by traditional, handed down recipes.

Sweet dishes:

Crêpe, Kouign amann and Kouign bigoudène (light, flaky desserts with caramelized fruit), Far (dense, and custard-like), galettes and palets (rich, buttery biscuits), miche beurree ( type of wholemeal, buttered bread), pain doux (semi sweet soft bread), caramel au beurre salé ( a buttery, semi-set caramel),  gâteau breton ( a rich shortbread)

Savoury dishes:

Wholemeal crêpe, chotton ( roast pig’s head),  kig ha farz ( buckwheat dumpling in a meaty broth), andouille (white, tripe sausage), fish stew, roast, streaky bacon…

So many specialties to try in our restaurants or to find in the markets and shops….

And don’t forget… each weekday at 4-30, the return of the fishing boats to port where they unload their catch of fish and shellfish.

Coming soon.....

The Campsite “Les Genêts” close to the sea in Brittany is ideally situated for exploring the beautiful region of South Finistere.  You’ll find typically Breton music and food, in the Fest Noz – traditional evenings of music and dancing.

The history and heritage surrounding Penmarch’ includes:

  • Picturesque ports of Kerity, St Guénolé, Le Guilvinec (where, each weekday at 5pm, the fishing boats return to port), visit the fish docks, deep sea and inshore fishing.
  • The Phare d’Eckmühl lighthouse towers above the town and the shoreline.
  • Churches dating from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, square towers, chapels and calvaries.